The Journal of Sign Language and Bilingualism is published digitally in one issue per year. The pilot issue is published on 24 May 2021.

The Journal covers the following topics:

  • Bulgarian Sign Language and world sign languages.
  • The role of Sign Language for establishing Deaf culture in Bulgaria and around the world.
  • Social identity of the Deaf community, specific trends and challenges for social inclusion of Deaf people.
  • Deaf education covering children, youths and adults in Bulgaria and around the world.
  • Bilingual education based on spoken and sign language in Bulgaria and around the world.

The Journal accepts for publication papers in Bulgarian or English. There are three sections:

  • Popular publications focused on Sign Language and Deaf community – up to 5 pages, accepted after editor’s evaluation and edition, no blind review.
  • Academic publications – papers and studies of up to 30 pages, accepted after peer review.
  • Papers by distinguished foreign researchers translated into Bulgarian.

We welcome written works by researchers, educators and specialists from Bulgaria, the Balkans, across Europe or around the world. We also encourage members of the Deaf community to submit their work and we are ready to provide editorial support to authors in the preparation of materials.

Materials published in the journal are open access.